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Other American West Publications

"They Talked Navajo, diné bi-zaad choz-iid: the United States Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers of World War II, A Record of Their Reunion, July 9-10, 1971." Window Rock, Arizona. 1971.

 "Toward a History of the Spanish-Speaking People of Utah." American West Center Mexican-American Documentation Project, 1973.

 Mayer, Vincent, ed. "Utah: A Hispanic History." Teacher's Supplement. 1974.

 Mayer, Vincent, ed. "Utah: A Hispanic History." 1975.

 "Explorations in Hispanic History." Workbook. 1975.

 Papanikolas, Helen Z. "The Peoples of Utah." Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society, 1976. (This book is not an American West Center book. However, these members of the center at the time wrote chapters which are included within it: Fred Conetah, Clyde J. Benally, Floyd A. O'Neil, Philip F. Notarianni, Alice Kasai, Joseph Stipanovich, and Vincente V. Mayer.)

 Tyler, S. Lyman. "An Approach to the Historiography of the American West." 1978.

 Tyler, S. Lyman. "The Historiography of Utah, the Mormons, and the West: A Personal Approach." 1978.

 Albers, Patricia and Nancy Breen. "Gender Parity and American Indian Reservations." 1996.

 Indian Tribe Curricular Materials "Ute People: An Historical Study." Compiled by June Lyman and Norma Denver. Edited by John D. Sylvester and Floyd A. O'Neil. Uintah School District and Western History Center, University of Utah, 1969.

 "The Zunis: Experiences and Descriptions." The Pueblo of Zuni, 1973.

 "Nooh-whLummi: A Brief History of the Lummi." The Lummi Tribe, 1974.

 "Noo-Chee-Yoo (The Ute People): A Coloring Book." Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe, 1977.

 "The Ute People." 1977.

 "Ute Ways." 1977.

 "The Way It Was Told." Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe, 1977.

 "The Ute System of Government." Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe, 1977.

 "Ute Projects and Patterns." Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe, 1977.

 "Weeminuche Coloring Book." Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, 1977.

 "Tohono O'odham: Lives of the Desert People." 1984.

 "Tohono O'odham: History of the Desert People." 1985.

 "Early Days of the Ute Mountain Utes." 1985.

 "Ute Mountain Utes: A History Text." 1985.

 "Ute Mountain Ute Stories, Games, and Noise Makers." 1986.

 "Ute Mountain Ute Government." 1986

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