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Wick R. Miller Endowed Scholarship

Wick R. Miller Endowed Scholarship


Any University of Utah student with an expressed interest in studies related to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, a demonstrated desire to preserve, cultivate, and advance any indigenous language or culture of the Americas. Preference will be given to enrolled members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes.

The Wick R. Miller Endowed Scholarship was established in honor of Wick R. Miller, a widely respected anthropological linguist who specialized in the study of indigenous languages of the western United States and northwest Mexico and was also a pioneer in the study of first language acquisition.

The recipient will receive $1,000 per semester (spring and fall) for a total of $2,000 which will be applied to the student’s tuition bill first. Any remaining amount will be refunded to the student. The recipient must maintain full-time student status during the year of the award.

Each undergraduate or graduate scholarship will be awarded for one year. Scholars may reapply for the possibility of renewal for a second year for a two-year maximum term, as long as the student remains in good standing as determined by his/her academic department and remains in the program for which the scholarship was awarded. Students who have held an undergraduate Wick R. Miller Endowed Scholarship are eligible to apply for the scholarship as a graduate student but will receive no special preference.

Due May 31, 2024

To apply, please submit to the American West Center:

  • American West Scholarship Form
  • A curriculum vita or resume
  • A statement in no more than 300 words of general activities, intellectual interest, proposed course of study, academic achievements, and leadership experiences; including a statement of educational and professional goals and how the applicant plans to attain them. Also indicate graduate or undergraduate intention and the department or program of study.
  • One letter of recommendation, preferably from faculty who can comment on your academic ability and performance.
  • Audit from My Degree Dashboard or university transcripts. (Incoming freshmen should submit high school transcripts)

Awardees will be notified via email after July, 1, 2024

Application materials should be submitted to Michelle Judd at or mailing address: Michelle Judd, University of Utah, American West Center, 1995 de Trobriand St., FD618C, Salt Lake City, UT  84113.

If you have any questions, you can email Michelle or call her at 801-581-7611.


Last Updated: 3/19/24